What are the main differences between the summit format and traditional trade shows & exhibitions?

The main difference between our format and trade shows is there is no exhibition space, booths and it is not an open conference. The number of spaces at the summit are limited and we ensure our summit is full of decision makers and key stake-holders, making the summit a much more relaxed, intimate environment compared to major trade shows and exhibitions.

What topics will be discussed at the summit?

There will be a number of topics discussed at the summit. Please request access to the programme by registering for the event.

How long does the summit go on for?

The summit duration is two and a half days. The half day is for the registration and the opening gala dinner, followed by two days of intense meetings, presentations and networking sessions.

What level of executive will I meet with?

We aim to bring the highest level of executive we possibly can from their respective companies. Because of the closed door set-up, our delegate acquisition team can be a lot more targeted, and invite key decision makers down on an invite only basis.

How do I get a one on one meeting?

Sponsors get between 8-12 pre-determined one to one business meetings on-site, however if you are not a sponsor, the sponsors can still request meetings with you if they are interested in your solutions or technology. Every sponsor will receive your pre event questionnaire prior to the event, so will understand your goals and objectives, ensuring there are no cold meetings.

What is the difference between a sponsor and a delegate?

Sponsors will have their branding throughout the event and usually have a solution or a technology they are looking to showcase. Delegates attend on an invite only basis, from the NOC’s, IOC’s and ministries.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on your level of participation. Please request access to the packages page by registering your interest here.

My colleague doesn’t speak English, only French, how will this benefit them?

We have a translation team on-site ensuring both English and French speakers can understand presentations clearly.

I have a booth that I would like to bring to the summit, is this allowed?

Absolutely not. There are no booths or exhibition spaces allowed at the summit.

I’m a member of the press, can I attend?

Of course, please contact info@valemediagroup.com to enquire about your attendance.

How do I host a whitepaper or a case study on your website?

Whitepapers and case studies are for sponsor organisations only. Please register your interest

How can I follow any updates or developments for the Upstream West Africa Summit?

Please follow Vale Media Group on our Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter pages to be kept in the loop about upcoming events.