Sécurité! Sécurité!

With Vale Media Group’s www.upstreamwestafrica.com taking place 3 weeks to the day, the whole VMG team have the pedal to the metal finalising the last few remaining slots and gathering great content for the agenda. Last week our VP Sales Phil Manny took the approach of understanding vulnerabilities and strengthening security which is crucial to day to day operations for the NOC & IOC. As a result, we are pleased to welcome to the programme Salama Fikira who will be our exclusive security roundtable sponsor! Salama Fikira (which derives from the Kiswahili phrase fikiria usalama which transliterates to ‘peaceful thoughts’, ‘thinking security’) provides security and risk management solutions offering clients greater access and more business opportunities in the emerging and frontier environments throughout the continent. In addition, we would also like to welcome to the programme, Gogne Seye, Country Manager Senegal, Far Ltd – Partner of the largest oil discovery in the world in 2014, off Senegal, in West Africa. Ms Seye will be talking about Top 10 largest offshore oil discoveries, Far in West Africa and The Gambia: the next frontier of the FAR – A great addition to the agenda! With the many large projects scheduled for West Africa and all of these projects producing unbelievable amounts of data, the topics we are looking to cover this week include ‘Unlocking the Power of Data’ and looking to ‘The Digital Oilfield’ to enhance competitive capabilities. If you feel you can contribute valuable content on either of these topics or any other topics you can find on the agenda https://www.upstreamwestafrica.com/programme.php please register by following https://www.upstreamwestafrica.com/register